The Goldroom houses the film production resources for Dodge College. This includes the camera, sound, grip, and electric equipment used by Dodge College students on your productions. We do not carry post-production equipment, props, wardrobe, or media (like DVDs and SD cards). The Goldroom handles equipment requests and reservations as well as provides technical support for production equipment. We also offer some training via boot camps which are held throughout the semester.

Anyone checking out Goldroom equipment agrees to abide by the policies stated in the Dodge College Production Guide.

Select a tab for more information.

  • Media Arts Reservations

    Access WebCheckout and get reservation information for Documentary and TV classes.

  • Media Arts Equipment

    Read up on the various pieces of equipment available to check out for Doc and TV packages.

  • Film Production Reservations

    Before you request equipment, be sure to read the policies about that assignment or production.

  • Non-Class and Alumni Reservations

    This sections includes instructions and information for current students requesting equipment outside of a defined class assignment.

  • Camera Information

    View information about various camera packages available at the Goldroom. Includes package contents, prep tips, and FAQs.

  • Audio Information

    View information about our Sound Devices and Tascam recorders.

  • Grip Truck

    Hey, Thesis students! Read this page if you plan to use Dodge's grip truck!

  • Equipment Request Form

    Use this form to request equipment. It must be filled out at least 2 days in advance.

Here are some common questions that we get in the Goldroom.  For questions about specific equipment packages, please check out the FAQs on the package webpage.

Tuesday Playtime

Do you feel comfortable with the camera you're shooting on this weekend?  Need a little more practice with the Tascam recorder?  You might be able to come in on Tuesday and get some hands-on experience with that equipment!

The Goldroom has offered a little known service on Tuesdays that allows students to look at or operate equipment in order to help familiarize themselves with gear they will be using.  Email us at and let us know if you would like to come in and look at a particular camera or sound recorder.  If the equipment is available, and if the Goldroom can accommodate the request, then we can pull some equipment to be used in the Goldroom lobby on Tuesday afternoons.

Please be aware that Goldroom staff may be unavailable to answer questions.  Also, the equipment must not leave the Goldroom lobby.

Contact Us

(714) 628-2865

Goldroom Hours

Monday - Friday

Regular Semester
9am - 5pm

10am - 4pm

Finals Week/Spring Break
10am - 2pm

Holiday Closures:

September 4
November 22-24
December 21-29
January 1
January 15
May 28

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MKS Room 133
(next to the loading dock)