Film Production Reservations

First, determine what tier your class is in, then click on a tab below to get more information.

Tier 1: Thesis, Location Filmmaking, Producer Initiative, TV Pilots

Tier 2: Advanced Greenlit Productions: FP 532, FP 577, FP 331 APs, Byte Size TV

Tier 3: Scheduled Class Assignments: FP 280 Intermediate Production, FP 531 Production Workshop I, Individual/Directed Study

Tier 4: Non-Class and Alumni Productions 

UPDATE: For all productions, the director/point person MUST sign Goldroom paperwork in person at the time of check out!  This can NOT be delegated to another crew member.

First Step, get Greenlit!

Log in to Project HQ in order to start the greenlight process.  You will be guided through the process of filling out production information such as the director's name, other crew members, and production dates.

Requesting Equipment

Do not submit Goldroom requests until the production has been given a green light.  Once you are approved by the head of production, you may fill out an Equipment Request.  Use the "Goldroom Request" link from Project HQ.  Remember, the request must be in the Director's name, but anyone listed as key crew members on the Greenlight form may request equipment on behalf of the Director.

The Goldroom will send the director a confirmation email when the reservation has been made.  Crew members listed on the greenlight form will have access to view Goldroom reservations directly in Project HQ.

Class Assignments

Students in this tier may be assigned projects by their professor. These include group projects or individual projects, and will have a specific set of dates during which the project is to be shot. Additionally, a specific equipment package has been pre-determined for each class.


Many class assignments will involve groups where two or more students direct a project over a weekend while sharing a single equipment package. Your professor should assign these groups and their shoot dates, but the group must still reserve equipment at the Goldroom.

Remember, the Goldroom will not make reservations automatically!

When shooting in a group, a "point person" will be assigned whose name will appear on Goldroom reservations.  The biggest difference between regular reservations and group reservations is that the entire group is equally responsible for the equipment taken from the Goldroom, and they should all be present at checkout.

Requesting Equipment

Important: All requests for Goldroom equipment MUST be turned in at least two business days before your intended pickup date. This means that requests for Friday must be submitted no later than 4:00 on Wednesday.

Anyone in the group may request equipment on behalf of the group.

The group members will receive a confirmation email when the reservation has been made. It is important to read this carefully, as it lists the actual equipment that is reserved to you. Other information in this email includes pickup and return dates as well as the confirmation number.

What to do at checkout

Due to the extremely high volume of production, appointments are necessary in order to pick up equipment packages.  You may request a desired time on the request form, but the Goldroom will contact you on the day before your scheduled pickup in order to confirm the time or to set a new time.  

Equipment will be arranged in prep areas around the Goldroom.  Go to the front counter where a Goldroom employee will give you paperwork and show you to your specific area.  

As you check your equipment, mark each item in the indicated column on the paperwork.  When you have completed prepping all your gear, sign and return the clipboard to the Goldroom counter.  An employee will let you know if you may begin loading equipment.  In order to make room for the next production, you will be expected to load within a reasonable amount of time.


If you find an item that is damaged or does not operate properly, bring it to an employee's attention. They will either exchange or repair that item if possible.  It is important to report these because as soon as you sign for the equipment, it becomes your responsibility.  Any damages discovered after you pick up will be charged to the group members.

Time in the prep areas

The Goldroom encourages all students to thoroughly prep equipment.  This can be very time consuming depending on what's getting checked out.  Even though we would love to provide all students with whatever time they need, unfortunately, Goldroom resources are very limited.  In order to pull the orders that go out in a single day, we need students to prep in a timely manner.  The Goldroom may have to limit prep times on particularly busy days in order to serve the number of students checking out.  Please arrive to your checkout time prepared and ready to work quickly.

Please be aware that you are allowed to spend an appropriate amount of time prepping, but the Goldroom does run short on prep spaces.  Be prepared to load your equipment immediately after prepping it in order to clear the space for more reservations.  When possible, bring your crew to help prep!

Sign the paperwork

All the items in your reservation will be listed on the Rental Agreement form.  A crew member will need to initial by each item to signify that it is present and in good working condition.  When you have finished prepping everything, the point person/people must sign the bottom of the form and return it to a Goldroom supervisor.  The Rental Agreement states that you have checked all equipment and have found it to be in good order.  You take responsibility for these items upon signing.

Once the items are checked out, it becomes the production's responsibility to track equipment.  Remember, loaning equipment to any other production is strictly prohibited.

Load up!

After the Rental Agreement is signed, you may load your equipment. All equipment should be securely tied down in whatever vehicle you decide to use.


Any crew member can return the equipment package to the Goldroom, and the point person/people do not need to be present. The Goldroom will return all items by barcode throughout the day. If items are missing, the point person will receive an email listing the missing items. Items that remain overdue for two weeks will be charged to the point person or split among group members. 

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