Grip Truck

We are fortunate to own an 18' grip truck to be used by students for their productions.  The truck is available to thesis productions, and is assigned by lottery per production cycle.  Read the policies if you plan to use this truck!

How to reserve the grip truck

Thesis students are placed in a lottery where one production per cycle is chosen at random to receive the truck.  Students will be notified via email if they are selected.  Should the production choose not to use the truck, then it will be returned to the lottery and another random selection will be made.

Once you have been granted access, and assuming you are greenlit, then you must request the truck on the Goldroom Equipment Request form.  The director will receive a confirmation email from the Goldroom listing the equipment provided in the truck.  Additionally, any existing grip and electric reservations will be reduced to remove equipment already provided on the truck, and confirmation emails will be sent for those reservations.


Once approval and reservations are settled, the production must declare who will be driving the vehicle.  You may have multiple drivers but each MUST be on the university’s approved driver list.  To add drivers, please email your head of production the list of names.  If your driver(s) is not already on the approved list, then paperwork must be processed to add them.  Paperwork must be submitted MONDAY BEFORE NOON in order to get approval in time for your Thursday check out.  Any student over 21 is eligible to be added to the list, but any student with the combination of an out of state license and who is also a student worker cannot be added.


Here are links to forms that need to be filled out.  The potential driver must fill out the Authorization for Release form and the appropriate Chapman form depending on their driver’s license.

  • Authorization for Release of Driver Record Information (PDF)
  • California Drivers License Form (PDF)
  • Out of State Drivers License Form (PDF)



The director and all drivers must be present at checkout.  We recommend reading the Vehicle Use Policy ahead of time.  The director and all drivers will sign the Vehicle Use Policy, and the director will sign a trip report, which verifies information about the truck such as existing damage, mileage, etc.

Once the vehicle portion of the checkout is complete, the crew may begin checking the grip equipment inside the truck.  Be sure to bring at least one padlock for the box doors.  Locks for the curb side door and jockey boxes are optional, but highly recommended.  Keys will be released to the drivers once all paperwork and prepping is complete.

Senior Thesis

Because Senior Thesis productions shoot for two weekends rather than ten days, the truck must be returned during the week along with the any other Goldroom equipment.  Arrangements can be made to keep the first weekend's gear through the week so long as it is locked inside the truck and in the Goldroom's possession.  The same equipment would then be returned to the production on the second weekend, and a checkout would not be necessary.

To return the truck, be sure to return the keys and remove your padlocks from any doors so that the Goldroom may inspect the vehicle during the week.  The Goldroom will keep it's own locks on the doors until the production picks up again on the second weekend.


The truck and all other Goldroom equipment is due back no later than 4:00 on the due date.  Any returns after 4:00 will be considered late and will receive late fees.  All equipment rented from outside vendors must be removed from the vehicle before it is returned.  Also, please remember to remove your padlocks!

The Goldroom will inspect the vehicle over the next few days, and any damages will be reported to the director.  If the amount of fuel remaining is less than the amount that was originally provided, then the production will be charged for the difference, rounded up to the nearest quarter of a tank.

How to report problems

In case of emergency, follow the guidelines in the Vehicle Use Policy. All other issues should be reported directly to the Goldroom Manager.

Refer to the Dodge College Production Guide for truck policy information.

  • Brake early and don’t tailgate.  Trucks take much longer and need more room to stop than cars.
  • Allow for at least 13’ feet of overhead clearance.  Watch out for canopies, tree branches, drive-ins, parking garages, overhangs, and signs prohibiting truck traffic.  Pay special attention to the passenger side top corner!
  • Take turns slow and wide.  That goes for exit turns as well.  Watch your rear axle to make sure it will clear the turn.  Watch for overhangs that may cut in to the truck box if a turn is too tight.
  • Don’t speed… ever!  Shift into low gear when you’re going downhill.  (Remember, speeding will result in a Goldroom fine)
  • Slow down for train tracks.
  • Change lanes only when you have plenty of room.  Use your turn signal well ahead of time, and check the rearview camera before changing lanes.
  • Be extra careful backing up.  Avoid this if possible.  If you must, have someone guide you in addition to using the backup camera.
  • Park safely.  Always set the emergency brake and turn wheels toward the curb.  Look for front-facing parking spots to avoid backing up.  Avoid parking on steep hills whenever possible.  Equipment should not be unloaded unless parked on level ground.
  • Use the parking brake when loading equipment.  This will help prevent the vehicle from moving while you load equipment or use the lift gate.
  • Wear your seatbelt because it improves your personal safety, and it’s the law.
  • Get familiar with the gauges before driving.  Check your mirrors often!  Adjust the driver and passenger side mirrors so that you see the full side of the truck.
  • Stow all equipment securely and safely.  Ensure that all equipment carts are strapped to the walls of the truck, and loose equipment is stored so that it can’t move around while you’re driving.  Also open the rear doors slowly in case equipment did shift in transit.
  • Take your time.  Be sure to pay attention to the road and anticipate your next actions in advance.  Driving large trucks requires more forethought than regular cars.
  • Make sure the vehicle is turned on when using the lift gate.  If the vehicle is off, the lift gate will drain the battery.  Plugging in shore power will also re-charge the lift-gate batteries.
  • Plan your trip before you leave.  Print up maps and directions ahead of time.  Some routes may be unavailable to large trucks.
  • Vehicles of this size must weigh in at all weigh stations.  You will be ticketed if the vehicle is over-weight (over 19,500 lbs.) or if you fail to weigh in.
  • In case of emergency, pull away from the road, turn on the flashers, and set up cones.  Follow the guidelines in the Accident Kit if necessary.  Call the Production Manager (714-628-2853) or the Goldroom Manager (714-628-2863).

Equipment reservations are subject to availability.  

Always read your reservation confirmation.

12x12 Frame
6x6 Frame
6x6 B/W Grifflon
6x6 Double
6x6 Silk
6x6 Single
6x6 Solid
4x 4x4 Floppy
2x 4x4 Frame
4x4 Silk
4x4 Single Net
4x4 Double Net
2x 24x72 Floppy Cutter
2x 24x36 Flag/Nets
2x 18x24 Flags/Nets
2x 24x36 Empty Frame
2x 21x24 Empty Frame
24x36 Celo Cucoloris
24x36 Wood Cucoloris
18x24 Celo Cucoloris
18x24 Wood Cucoloris
Gold Shiny Board
3x Silver Shiny Board
12x C-Stand
2x Short C-Stand
C-Stand Carts
4x High Roller
2x Mambo Combo
Lowboy Combo Stand
4x Combo Stand
Combo Stand Wheels
Cup Blocks
4x Set of Apples
10x Grip Crate
3x Half Grip Crate
Grip Taco Cart
4x Duckbill
4x Cardellini
2x Mafer Clamp
2x Chain Vice Grips
2x Furny Slider
2x Baby Offset
2x Baby Plate
2x Putty Knife
2x Scissor Clip
2x Spud Adapter
2x Jr. Wall Plate
Junior Offset
2x Wall Spreader
2x 24" Furniture Clamp
2x 12" Junior C-Clamp
12" Baby C-Clamp
2x 8" Baby C-Clamp
2x 6" Junior C-Clamp
2x 4" Baby C-Clamp
2x Tree Branch Holder
2x Anchor Spike
20x 25Lb Sandbag
10x 35Lb Sandbag
Muscle Cart

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