Media Arts Equipment

Please click the tabs below to get information on various equipment  packages available to Media Arts students.  These packages will be listed in WebCheckout if you are eligible to reserve them.

We have several cameras available to students shooting both documentaries as well as TV/News packages.

Canon C-300 Mk2 (Doc)

These documentary cameras come with 2 batteries and an 18-200 zoom by default.  Students may request a set of 3 Canon zooms- 16-35, 24-70 and 70-200.  The camera records to SD card, unless you wish to shoot 4K, which requires CFast cards.  Availability is very limited, so please only reserve these cameras as needed.

Sony A7s Mk2 (Doc)

These small mirrorless cameras include an 18-105mm APS-C zoom lens or a 24-70mm full-frame lens.  Both are F4.  These are shared with Film Production, so the package comes with a viewfinder and accessories to shoot film-style.  If these are not necessary for your shoot, you may remove them from your reservation.  

Sony PMW-320 (TV)

This shoulder style ENG camcorder also has a built-in wireless receiver and onboard stereo mic.  It records to SxS Express media for easy downloading of footage.  This is not a lightweight camera, so please ask about it before making a reservation.

Sony X-70 (TV)

This compact camera features a large 1" Exmor R sensor and 12x optical zoom with improved low-light performance.  Including the top handle with XLR inputs, this camera weighs less than 3 pounds, making it a strong alternative to DSLR.  

Panasonic HMC-150 (Doc, TV)

The popular HMC-150 combines ease of use with powerful electronic cinematography tools, including built in waveform, vectorscope, and focus assist.  Footage is recorded to SD cards using the AVCHD codec.

All Media Arts lighting has been upgraded to LED!

Fiilex 3-light Backpack (Doc)

This 3-light kit includes 2 battery powered P180s and 1 P-360.  Each are color tunable and dimmable.  

Fiilex 4-light Kit (Doc)

This kit comes with 2 P180 and 2 P360 lights.  This does not include batteries, but all lights are color tunable and the kit includes 3 stands.

On-Camera LED Light (TV, Doc)

This compact Vidpro LED has a shoe to fit on most cameras.  It uses a rechargable battery (included in the kit) or 5 AA batteries.

Westcott Flex (Doc)

This daylight balanced LED panel is 10"x10" and is not battery powered.  It is flexible and includes a light grid diffusion.

Swit BiColor Round LED (Doc)

This is a very thin, round LED light that can be battery powered if necessary.  It is very soft and does not require diffusion.

Fiilex Q-1000

This 5" Fresnel style LED light emits more light than the P360, but is considerably larger and requires a separate power supply, which is included in the kit.

Tascam DR-100

This compact 2-channel recorder has built-in directional and omnidirectional mics as well as 2 XLR inputs with phantom power.  It records to SD card.

Tascam DR-60 Recorder

This compact 4-channel recorder is designed for use with DSLR style cameras.  It has 2 XLR inputs and can output to the camera via mini plug.

3-Channel Juicedlink Box

This is not a recorder but rather a mixer to be used with cameras that do not include XLR inputs.  It can mix down 3 microphones and output to a stereo mini plug.


We have a variety of wired and wireless mics available for checkout.  Here is a list of microphones and uses:

  • Hand Mic (ATM-63) used for TV packages.  
  • MC-70 On-Camera mic
  • Rode Pro On-Camera mic
  • ECM-44b wired lav.
  • Sennheiser G3 Wireless Mic package
  • Sennheiser AVX Wireless Mic system
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