DMAC Directing Stage

Technical Drawings

Stage Capacity

A maximum of 50 occupants

Stage Dimensions

26’ x 35’

Stage Height

11’ to grid.

Roll up door

12’w X 10’ H

Stage Floor

Flat Masonite.  No paint.  Okay to screw into.


12-20amp circuits on the grid.  8-20amp circuits on the floor.

House Light Control

One switch by main entrance and one by vestibule fire exit.



Load in/Load out

A small drive on the north side of DMAC gets you to the roll up door.

Clean up

There is a slop sink located in the stage

Stage Rules

  • Fire lanes must be kept clear at all times.  No exceptions.
  • Tennis shoes or boots only in the stages.
  • All key positions must have taken the DCFMA Stage Systems workshop in order to work in the stage.
  • Alumni may use the stage only if they have taken the SSW.
  • Non-Chapman personnel may not use any of the systems in the stage. (This includes, but is not limited to, the lighting board, DeSisti Hoists, elephant door,roll up door, scissor lift and construction tools).