Sound Stage A

Technical Drawings

Stage Capacity

A maximum of 148 occupants without permit. 149-318 occupants requires an “Assembly Use – Concentrated” permit from the OFD. Occupancy allowances will be affected by the square footage of the productions set requirements. 

Stage Depth

Wood floor is 32’ 5” with the exception vestibule corner. To the vestibule it is 25’. 

Stage Width

42’ with the exception of the vestibule corner. To the vestibule corner it is 34’. 

Stage Height

33’ to wood beams. 28’ to hoist pipe.

Elephant Door

15’ wide, 16’ high

Stage Floor

Flat Masonite. No paint. Okay to screw into. 

Lighting Console

ETC Insight with Emphasis. 108 channels. 

Electrical Circuits

All connectors are grounded stage pin. 10 – 20amp circuits distributed around stage walls at 28’. 16 – 20amp circuits at waist high, four on each wall. 14 – 60amp circuits, one on each hoist. 4 – 20amp circuits on each hoist. 4 – 100amp circuits at waist high, one on each wall. 4 – Edison 20amp circuits, one on each wall (house power). 

House Light Control

One switch by one man entrance and one by vestibule fire exit. 

HVAC/Exhaust Fan

Box located at southwest corner of stage. HVAC can be shut off for up to 30 minutes. Exhaust fans run on a 7-10 minute cycle. 


14 – 10’ DeSisti Hoists. Top height: 28’, bottom height: 3’. Movement: up/down using DeSisti control box located in southeast corner of stage. Hoists manually slide north and south on a track. Hoists do not move east and west. Equipped with 2” pipe. 1’ extensions of 1 1⁄4” pipe at end of each hoist. 309lb max weight. 

1 – 30’ hoist on east side of stage. 

Rigging to upper beams may occur at the Stage Manager's discretion. 

2x12 battens attached on north, east and south walls at 10’ and 20’. These are meant for sheer weight only. They may be screwed or nailed into. They may not be cut. 

Load In/Load Out

37’ x 37’ loading dock located on south side of building. 12’ x 16’ roll up door located on south side of building. 114’ long, 8’ 6” wide, 16’ high corridor leading up to Stage A. 

Dressing Room

Located in room 162, first floor, production wing. This is a shared space with other stages. 8 stations. Please only use 2 stations. More at Stage Managers discretion. 

Shower/Locker Rooms

Mens and womens shower/locker rooms are located across the hall for the dressing room. This is a shared space so please be considerate of other productions. 

Clean up

There is a slop sink located in the stage hallway next to the shop door, room 125.

Stage Rules

  • Fire lanes must be kept clear at all times.  No exceptions.
  • Tennis shoes or boots only in the stages.
  • All key positions must have taken the DCFMA Stage Systems workshop in order to work in the stage.
  • Alumni may use the stage only if they have taken the SSW.
  • Non-Chapman personnel may not use any of the systems in the stage. (This includes, but is not limited to, the lighting board, DeSisti Hoists, elephant door,roll up door, scissor lift and construction tools).